Sustainability, Future Generations and Environment

We build enduring structures providing unique practical solutions that fit into their environment and are stimulating, challenging and imaginative for all those that like to play.

Our structures are designed to enhance a natural backdrop, allowing the connection with the environment to become a key element in the play process.

Craftsmanship and diverse design permeate all of our work and many of our structures draw heavily on our maritime heritage and the power of timber to inspire.  Hand tools and traditional wood-working methods are passed down through the family, enabling each project to meet the clients unique needs.

“The idea for the books theme came from local St Austell boy and historian Dr A.L. Rowse who wrote something like over a hundred books…and he loved Holy Trinity Church.”

Inspiring Exciting Natural Play

‘Play is great for children’s well-being and development….the goal is not to eliminate risk, but to weigh up the risks and benefits.’ HSE –Promoting A Balanced Approach, September 2012.

We are driven by a shared belief in the power of children’s imagination and the value of design and aesthetics. We recognise that the introduction of risk can form a part of play opportunities and activities.

This belief helps children understand their environment and develop their own potential. By having physically challenging play and managed risk we build lasting play structures that benefit current and future generations.

We understand how important our environment is and embed this in everything we do. Our play structures have minimal impact on the environment by using locally sourced, sawn and milled timber – Douglas Fir, Oak and Sweet Chestnut, selected for their durability and rot resistance.

The off-cuts from our projects, if not recycled and reused, are put to good use to heat our office.