How we work


Our bespoke timber playgrounds are a labour of love. Starting with your vision, we set out to create a one-off piece that combines beauty and utility.

We apply our passion for quality craftsmanship and our belief in the importance of healthy, imaginative play. And the result is outdoor play areas that are beautifully designed and which inspire fun, adventure and imagination for the most important people involved in the projects – the children who use them.

our process

Playing with ideas

First, we listen to your outline ideas and explore the various possibilities. From here, we can begin to form a concept that will suit your space and realise your vision.

Making plans

We then produce a detailed design brief complete with sketches, notes and drawings. This stage provides a clear sense of how your unique play structure will look and work.

Tools at the ready

Once the final design is agreed, our woodworking experts construct your playpark, working from our workshops or on-site. With your playground installed, the fun can begin.

Taking good care

On completion, we recommend an ongoing inspection and maintenance schedule, and offer care advice. This ensures your installation continues to provide pleasure for generations to come.

The values that guide us

Design quality

Our playgrounds are hand-crafted by our family team of timber craft experts with a genuine passion for exceptional design. Using hand-tools and traditional techniques, we’re proud of each and every unique piece of play equipment we create.

The care and attention to detail that we bring to your project means the outcome achieves several goals and is uniquely created for your individual setting.

It will function brilliantly for the children that it is made for and with natural wooden construction it is aesthetically beautiful and complements its surroundings.

What’s more, our products are designed to meet safety standards. Each playground project has a post-installation inspection by a recognised play safety inspector who is registered with the RPII, to ensure compliance with the BS EN 1176 (revised 2017) and BS EN 1177 standards, where applicable.

Child development and well-being

Play is crucial to children’s development, and stimulating outdoor activity is particularly important. We are proud to play a part in encouraging this through our highly engaging playgrounds.

With every Alastair Guy installation, we set ourselves the goal of making the most exciting and inspiring play equipment that we can. Our designs invite children to be imaginative and creative.

We also appreciate the value of introducing managed risk in children’s play. Creating a play environment that presents a degree of challenge to promote awareness, problem-solving strategies and confidence, which benefits children hugely as they develop.


We are guided by a commitment to embracing green practices and minimising our environmental impact in all we do.

Timber, when sourced responsibly, is a wonderfully natural and sustainable building material. It also gives our playgrounds an aesthetic harmony with their surroundings and connects play to the natural environment. Our timber is locally sourced, sawn and milled, bringing clear provenance and helping keep our environmental impact to a minimum. Thanks to our mobile sawmills, we can even work with your timber on-site – it doesn’t get more local than that! Even the off-cuts from our projects, if not recycled and reused, are put to good use in heating our office.

As well as holding green values, we endeavour to embrace a sense of community and place. This is reflected in our play structures, which draw heavily on this region’s maritime heritage and the power of timber to inspire. We even use traditional timber construction techniques drawn from boat-building and timber framing using hand tools and raw timber – methods that have been handed down through the family.


An Alastair Guy Playground is made to stand the test of time. We choose naturally hard-wearing, rot-resisting species of timber – Douglas fir, oak and sweet chestnut – ensuring a long lifespan for your installation. Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality.

Our service doesn’t end at installation. We offer maintenance to help ensure the longevity of your play area. If anything should go wrong with your structure, we act quickly to resolve the problem.

This promise is backed up with our guarantees:-
Installed timber structures in steel feet (10-year guarantee); Horizontal timbers and all parts, except wear parts (5-year guarantee); Wear parts (against structural failure), Ropes, Chains, Coupling Links and Shackles (2-year guarantee); Installation and Site Works, including workmanship and materials (1-year guarantee).

We believe that play is for life. Choosing an Alastair Guy design is an investment in the future. And with the right care and attention, your play park will keep children energised and entertained for many years to come.