Adventure play,
the natural way


We design and construct unique adventure playgrounds using sustainable natural materials. For over 30 years, our creative environments have inspired children to play and explore outdoors.


What we do

Discover the fun and beautiful natural play spaces that are possible through our imaginative concepts and expert craftsmanship.

who we are

Meet the family team who combine creative vision, technical know-how and a passion for promoting outdoor play.

how we work

Find out how our values of sustainability, healthy child development and an appreciation of great design drive us.

Lovingly Crafted

Our bespoke play designs fuse our clients’ ideas with our own creative flair.

The result is lovingly crafted natural play spaces that blend beautifully with their environment – and which are built to endure.

What’s more, the value of our designs to the children who will use them is central to our plans. We carefully consider how best to create a fun, inspiring and imagination-igniting experience for young people.

our clients

Latest news

The Sand Play Project buildings are shaping up well

The Sand Play Project buildings are shaping up well, with the roof tiles being completed just as the snow fell!

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The Sand Play Tree Crowns are moved into place, Wicksteed Park

The Sand Play Tree Crowns are moved into place- exciting updates soon as the building takes shape. The project ...

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Tree Crown Sand Play Update, Wicksteed Park

Here’s the latest development for the Tree Crown Sand Play @ Wicksteed Park. Some lovely landscaping which will surrounds the two ...

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